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Commander General, The Razorblade Tit Tyrant!

ATTENTION CHICAGO: Women's only motorcycle riding class


The Illinois Council of Safety is thinking of putting together a women's only Motorcycle Safety Course sometime in this spring/summer. The goal is to provide an opportunity for women who might feel uncomfortable learning to ride with a bunch of guys by providing an environment where the only the trainers are male. If they can get at least 12 women to sign up together, they can conduct an all female class. If more than 12 sign up, that's even better!

So if you have a sister, friend, girlfriend, mom, whatever, interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle but feels intimidated by the "boys",here is their chance! They do not need to own a bike. They just need to show up with their motorcycle permit and class fee and they are good to go!

I will be there as a range aid on my Ducati so there will be at least one female who is licensed and rides on site to provide support and encouragement that yes, chicks on bikes rock!

Take a look at:

If you are interested, please give them a call and tell them that Jaye B and Victoria from DRILL sent you!
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