mr_trachtenberg (mr_trachtenberg) wrote in ol_jap_bike,

Selling price for 450 Honda "collection"?

I've got 3 early '70's 450s I'd like to clear out. Have not ran in years but
stored in heated back-room. Put a set of cheap-o tubes & tires on each to help
manuver. Clear titles. 2 ran & registered the other more/less parts. None stock.
Numerous spray-can paint jobs/lost emblems etc.

73 CB: Weld-on hardtail & 8" over forks. Was daily rider until I tweaked it.
72 CL: CB disc brake front forks. Original high pipe muffler rusted out. Ran.
71 CB: All there with unknown origin engine (looks like 60's CL w/ 4 speed) has
compression. Also have basket 5-speed motor, valves done/needs rings.

Plus manuals. Tons of period aftermarket junk (Fairings/Crash bars/Racks).
Could trash the chopper & end up with 2 good bikes but would need way more
elbow grease & time than I have to devote.

What's fair?
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