snarly (snarly) wrote in ol_jap_bike,

thoughts on 1968 Yamaha R3?

Hi folks!

I'm new here, and I own a 1982 Suzuki GS550L that's thiiiis close to running, but that's not what this is about.

I am considering the purchase of a 1968 Yamaha R3 Street 350, a twin 2-stroke street bike. (Here is a current eBay link to a '69 which is not the one I'm looking at; here is a pic of a new 1969 R3 350.) It seems to be in great running condition, many new parts including points, condenser, fuel line, filter etc.

Does anyone have experience with this bike? I'm going up to see it this weekend (it's a long drive) and it would be great to be armed with as much info as possible.


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Those were the father of the RD bikes, which are brilliant. I loved my RD250.
Beware of crappy oil injection systems. They will break and cause NO END to headaches. Premixing is best.