The Bastard Son Of A Thousand Blues (taps7734) wrote in ol_jap_bike,
The Bastard Son Of A Thousand Blues

Seeking opinions on problems...

I am borrowing a friends 1985 VF500F Interceptor. And I have to admit, I am loving the bike. Thursday I was heading to work and the bike died on me. It sounded like it did the one time I ran out of gas. Same difference in tone from the exhaust, etc. But the tank was full. It was turned on, there was plenty of gas in there. After pushing it home, I popped off the side cover and started looking for leaks or something obvious. And I found none. But I did notice that there was almost no gas in the fuel filter. So that led me to think that there was a problem getting gas to the engine from the tank.

The 'ceptor has a hose running from the tank to the carbs (I think thats the carbs, I am not looking at it right now). The carbs seem to suck air from the fuel cock which in turn pushes fuel from the tank to the fuel pump... at least thats what I think it does.

A friend noticed that no suction was coming from the connector. But when you removed the connector from the carbs, you could feel suction when trying to start it. But when we put the connector back on, it started working again. So, I chalked it up to maybe that vibrating loose or something.

It ran fine for 2 days after, then it did it again. Still has gas in it, still sounds like it isn't getting any.

So I am wondering if something might have went screwy with the seal on that connector. When I get home tonight, I am going to try wrapping some Teflon tape around the threads to see if that is a temporary fix.

What I am wondering is if anyone could suggest something else that may be causing the issue here.
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Deleted comment

The knob has 3 settings:

ON = top
OFF = Right
RES = Bottom

As of now, I dont see any fuel leaking from the petcock at all.

Deleted comment

I will give that a shot tonight to be sure... if so, then I have at least narrowed down the problem.
The suggestion to check the diaphragm was the trick.... luckily the diaphragm was fine. But when I went to check it, I noticed that one of the screws was missing... and the 3 that were left weren't even tight.

So I found a replacement screw, tightened them all up.... and now the 'Ceptor is back on the road.

Thanks for all your help guys.