Urban Renegade (urbanrenegade) wrote in ol_jap_bike,
Urban Renegade


Just found this community, so thought I'd say hello!! Currently building a Z400 chop:

Once it's done, building a Suzuki GSX400 streetfighter, using a GPZ305 rolling chassis!! Here's the donor bike:

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Unfortunately I cannot see the pics (at work, some don't come through), but Welcome to the place...sit down, take off your shoes, and pull up with your favorite drink...its a nice place.

That chain looks like it could do with some oil ;-)
It's now n the bin, I had to grind the facker off so I could stip it down to get the engine out!! I'm only keeping the engine and junking the rest. Then stick it in the GPZ305 I got, which will either get aprilla af1 upside downies on it or GSX1100 front and back ends shoved on it, got a BMW GS headlamp unit for it and bmw f650 exhaust system to me made to fit. Then cutting the indian head from my club patch into the tailpiece and running the brake light underneath it.

Not sure which front end will fit better, but nearly all the Suzuki forks are interchangeable, you gotta love them for having the same sized headstock on their models.